Antique Door Hardware

Door hardware is one of the most beautiful and most important materials that a person need to consider when beautifying, renovating or restoring a house especially for the entrance part of a house.

Doors need to be accessorized just like every other furniture or every corner inside a house. A well-designed door entrance gives guests a good impression or an idea on what to expect once he or she gets inside a house.

Door hardware includes doorknobs, door hinges, spring door stops, closet rods, cabinet knobs, pocket door hardware, bathroom door accessories, door levers, door locks, door knocker, mail slots or mail boxes, door viewers, padlocks, house numbers plaques, door pulls, electric buzzer and more.

These door hardware provide convenience to the owner of a house and his or her visitors. This will make it easier to welcome guests and provide security to the house. Door hardware or door accessories are not only used for entrance doors but they can be used for all types of door such cabinet doors or closet doors.

On the other hand, door hardware are used for residential, commercial or architectural buildings.

Different Types of Door Hardware:

Antique Door Hardware or Vintage Door Hardware

An antique door hardware should best match an antique looking door. You may also combine antique and modern door hardware in one door.

New or Contemporary Door Hardware

New door hardware look more simple compared to antique door hardware. Antique door hardware are very artistic, elegant and beautiful.

All door hardware can be made of brass which is very common. They can also be made out of wood or porcelain. There are also copper-made door hardware, chrome and ceramic.

For those people who are currently having a house restoration or house renovation. Try to match the kind of door you currently have and match it with a number of antique door hardware collections as well as modern door accessories. Find more options on countless online hardware websites and online shopping websites. Read further on this website to learn more about antique door hardware.

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