Antique Door Knobs

One of highlight in antique door hardware are antique door knobs. Antique door knobs have the best types of designs and styles from previous architectural era. Every antique door knob tells a story and gives you an idea about when was it and what those times were all about.

Just like antique jewelry, antique door knobs came from various era which shaped the way objects were designed at those times such as the gothic, neo-classical, art deco and art nouveau eras. These eras were the golden age of art. Each type of art that was carved on a door knob at those times were cautiously designed and meant a thousand words. They weren’t just door knobs, they were symbols of nobility, war, social status and more. These things are what made antique door knobs special.

Just like most antique stuff, antique door knobs are bought not only to be refined, sold, reused but they are bought as a collectible.

There are various things to consider when purchasing an antique door knob. Antique door knobs are most of the time placed in an auction because of its unknown value. It may mean precious to you and may mean useless for me. This way as a collector you will soon realize and learn which antique door knob has the highest value and soon you will have your own criteria in choosing one.

Three criteria in choosing an antique door knob are rarity, functionality, and appearance.

Rarity can be learned through experience in purchasing and acquiring antique door knob. This will you give an idea about whether a certain antique door knob is actually unique and has one in a million design.

Functionality means that the antique door knob should not just be unique and beautiful but it should be a working antique door knob or it should be able to fit in with the modern doors that we have today. It should be flexible and has the potential to be refurnished or improved. Most antique door knobs though are initially strong since they have already been used for a long time.

Appearance. How does the door knob look as a whole? You must check the color, size, its structure, design, and edges. Brass and other types of metals that are commonly used for door knobs develop certain colors as it has been used for years.

One unique or common designs of knobs are antique lion door knobs. There are also uniquely created antique knight door knob. Lastly, word carvings on a metal are present in many door knobs.

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