Antique Door Hardware

Door hardware is one of the most beautiful and most important materials that a person need to consider when beautifying, renovating or restoring a house especially for the entrance part of a house.

Doors need to be accessorized just like every other furniture or every corner inside a house. A well-designed door entrance gives guests a good impression or an idea on what to expect once he or she gets inside a house.

Door hardware includes doorknobs, door hinges, spring door stops, closet rods, cabinet knobs, pocket door hardware, bathroom door accessories, door levers, door locks, door knocker, mail slots or mail boxes, door viewers, padlocks, house numbers plaques, door pulls, electric buzzer and more.

These door hardware provide convenience to the owner of a house and his or her visitors. This will make it easier to welcome guests and provide security to the house. Door hardware or door accessories are not only used for entrance doors but they can be used for all types of door such cabinet doors or closet doors.

On the other hand, door hardware are used for residential, commercial or architectural buildings.

Different Types of Door Hardware:

Antique Door Hardware or Vintage Door Hardware

An antique door hardware should best match an antique looking door. You may also combine antique and modern door hardware in one door.

New or Contemporary Door Hardware

New door hardware look more simple compared to antique door hardware. Antique door hardware are very artistic, elegant and beautiful.

All door hardware can be made of brass which is very common. They can also be made out of wood or porcelain. There are also copper-made door hardware, chrome and ceramic.

For those people who are currently having a house restoration or house renovation. Try to match the kind of door you currently have and match it with a number of antique door hardware collections as well as modern door accessories. Find more options on countless online hardware websites and online shopping websites. Read further on this website to learn more about antique door hardware.

Lead Crystal Old Town and Antique Door Knob

There are different types of antique door hardware. Door hardware is one of the most important hardware finishing for a house or a building. There are many different door hardware parts such as door knob, bells, hinges, sash locks and shutter pulls.

Most people find it hard to choose which door knob to choose among various types of door hardware available online and in local markets. Most modern door hardware are pretty much the same in design however there are those modern door hardware which also stand out.

However, if you want a unique door hardware, then you need to take a look at some of the best vintage door hardware as well as the antique ones.

These antique door hardware have designs that are made during the 18th century and before. Designs such as Victorian, Gothic door hardware, Nouveau and many other influences.

Antique door hardware add beauty and sophistication to your house. Antique door hardware can either be bought for a number of reasons. They should be collectible, functional, rare and they should fit with any types of door holes. A door hardware with these characteristics is valuable.

The picture of an antique door knob you see above is an example of a modernized antique door knob designed to fit an modern pre-drilled doors.

It has precision spindle which will make it more solid when attached to the door to avoid it from moving or from loosening.

There is a removable latch face plate to fit any swing and a striker-plate to match the finish of your set and matching screws.

Antique Door Knobs

One of highlight in antique door hardware are antique door knobs. Antique door knobs have the best types of designs and styles from previous architectural era. Every antique door knob tells a story and gives you an idea about when was it and what those times were all about.

Just like antique jewelry, antique door knobs came from various era which shaped the way objects were designed at those times such as the gothic, neo-classical, art deco and art nouveau eras. These eras were the golden age of art. Each type of art that was carved on a door knob at those times were cautiously designed and meant a thousand words. They weren’t just door knobs, they were symbols of nobility, war, social status and more. These things are what made antique door knobs special.

Just like most antique stuff, antique door knobs are bought not only to be refined, sold, reused but they are bought as a collectible.

There are various things to consider when purchasing an antique door knob. Antique door knobs are most of the time placed in an auction because of its unknown value. It may mean precious to you and may mean useless for me. This way as a collector you will soon realize and learn which antique door knob has the highest value and soon you will have your own criteria in choosing one.

Three criteria in choosing an antique door knob are rarity, functionality, and appearance.

Rarity can be learned through experience in purchasing and acquiring antique door knob. This will you give an idea about whether a certain antique door knob is actually unique and has one in a million design.

Functionality means that the antique door knob should not just be unique and beautiful but it should be a working antique door knob or it should be able to fit in with the modern doors that we have today. It should be flexible and has the potential to be refurnished or improved. Most antique door knobs though are initially strong since they have already been used for a long time.

Appearance. How does the door knob look as a whole? You must check the color, size, its structure, design, and edges. Brass and other types of metals that are commonly used for door knobs develop certain colors as it has been used for years.

One unique or common designs of knobs are antique lion door knobs. There are also uniquely created antique knight door knob. Lastly, word carvings on a metal are present in many door knobs.

Antique Glass Door Knobs

There are many different types of antique door knobs. One type of door knob that is not steel or metal are antique glass door knobs.

Antique glass door knobs have been used for a long time. America had started using glass door knobs during World War I.

There are some arguments about crystal door knobs and glass door knobs. Both look absolutely similar however crystal door knobs are much more expensive compared to glass door knobs.

Buying Antique Glass Door Knob

One characteristic that made glass door knobs appealing to most people is its diamond looking shape and color. It is transparent just like diamond and reflects light within as well. This is the reason why rich people adores glass door knobs.

Buying an antique glass door knob therefore is just like buying a diamond.

It would help if we use the same criteria that jewellers use in evaluating diamonds, the 4Cs.

You must check the cut, clarity, weight (carat for diamonds) and color.

Glass door knobs most commonly come in round shapes. There are also rose, oval, octagonal and other shapes for glass. These shapes shall be able to blend with the type of edges that your house have. These shapes are also responsible in creating light reflections on your glass knob which adds beauty to your door.

The clarity for glass is as important as that of a diamond. The glass door knob should be crystal clear and free from blemishes or cracks.

Weight for glass knobs is important. Somehow, it’ll differentiate what knob you are holding. Crystal door knobs are much heavier compared to glass knobs.

Lastly, there many types of colors for glass door knobs. The most common are green and red. However, today, you can find all types of colors for  a glass door knob.

Types of Glass Door Knobs

Three known types of glass door knobs are polished door knobs, escutcheons glass door knobs and stained glass door knobs.

Escutcheons are those that serve as a trim or cover for door knob keyholes. They are also uniquely designed to match doors. They are very much popular back in the past and are seldom used today.

Polished glass door knobs are also called mosaic glass door knobs.

Polished glass door knobs are also called mosaic glass door knobs.

Stained glass knobs are glass knobs with certain colors or objects or designs that are somewhat inserted in the glass. Bubble glass door knobs are samples of stained glass knobs.