Lead Crystal Old Town and Antique Door Knob

There are different types of antique door hardware. Door hardware is one of the most important hardware finishing for a house or a building. There are many different door hardware parts such as door knob, bells, hinges, sash locks and shutter pulls.

Most people find it hard to choose which door knob to choose among various types of door hardware available online and in local markets. Most modern door hardware are pretty much the same in design however there are those modern door hardware which also stand out.

However, if you want a unique door hardware, then you need to take a look at some of the best vintage door hardware as well as the antique ones.

These antique door hardware have designs that are made during the 18th century and before. Designs such as Victorian, Gothic door hardware, Nouveau and many other influences.

Antique door hardware add beauty and sophistication to your house. Antique door hardware can either be bought for a number of reasons. They should be collectible, functional, rare and they should fit with any types of door holes. A door hardware with these characteristics is valuable.

The picture of an antique door knob you see above is an example of a modernized antique door knob designed to fit an modern pre-drilled doors.

It has precision spindle which will make it more solid when attached to the door to avoid it from moving or from loosening.

There is a removable latch face plate to fit any swing and a striker-plate to match the finish of your set and matching screws.

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